5 Easy Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Ideas

There are lots of great ideas floating around the internet about how to throw the perfect baby shower but something they tend to miss is this: how to have a great party for the mother-to-be AND recognize the importance of the 3 R’s (Reduce, Re-use and Recycle). Like most parties, it can be easier to buy disposable supplies and cheap party favours but at the end of the party you really see the result — from plastics to trash to food waste, the entire party can end up being a total ecological disaster.

So, as most things in life, we are looking for a happy balance between convenience and conscience. And if you really think about it, the future of the baby will see the impact of the environmental decisions we make NOW! So let’s see how these five ideas can have a positive net benefit for the mother and the baby:

1.) Woodland Theme Baby Shower

A lot of what we like to do and think about is a result of joyful inspiration. We connect positive thoughts with certain ideas and then we get a spark of joy whenever we have that idea later on. So why not inspire a lifetime love for the outdoors by having a woodland or nature-themed shower!  From fox-themed decorations, forest-themed food, to animal-themed gifts, there are lots of great ways that you can set the right mood for a memorable baby shower. And the easy option too can just be making a table center piece with material from the nearby park or your backyard, like a super cute bowl filled with pine cones or acorns.

2.) Eco-Friendly Prizes

Everyone loves the chance to go home from a shower with some prizes or keepsakes but the sad fact is that many shower party favors are often disposable. Look for gifts made of natural materials or even make your own tasty treats which the guests can take home. We really enjoy giving natural soaps from stores like Ten Thousand Villages or Truth Beauty Company. We are big fans of the natural calendula soap available in our gift set.

3.) Bring Natural Baby Gifts

Just like the prizes, the presents that guests bring to the baby shower can be of heirloom quality or natural materials. Being a baby gift basket company, of course we have our own ideas of what you should buy! It’s the sad fact that the easiest and most reasonably priced baby gifts tend to also be made from plastics and quickly break down. But with some extra effort, you can find organic cotton baby clothes, heirloom-quality baby toys and more. And the soon-to-be mother will really appreciate the extra effort you’ve put into finding eco-friendly baby gifts.

4.) Minimal Garbage

Another great way to make sure the baby shower is a total hit is to keep garbage to a minimum! By recycling the gift bags and using non-disposable dishes, you can ensure that the night ends with significantly less garbage than expected. Sure, it can take a bit extra time to wash up the dishes but you’re doing a great service to the environment by avoiding plastic cutlery and disposable plates. And you can always ask a friend to pitch in and help with the clean-up.


5.) Nutritious Shower Snacks

One of the most appealing parts of a party is the refreshment area. That is why it is important to find the best balance between delicious and healthy. By making sure the snacks are filled with flavour  and good for our bodies, you are sure to have a successful baby shower. We like to make sure the food table is anchored around trays of fruits and veggies with a low fat dip to give the food some zing. Speaking of zing, we also get rave reviews when we set out a super tasty feta garlic dip with some mini pitas.

Following these five tips will put you on the right track for a memorable and earth-conscious baby shower. Good luck!