My Lil’ Bean Q&A: Vanessa and Melissa from Diapers & Lipgloss

Our next guests for the My Lil’ Bean Q&A are Vanessa and Melissa, a duo that are on a mission! From their start on TV they have now branched into other media to share thoughtful conversations about topics that can resonate with any mother. We were lucky enough to be featured in their December gift guide.

Vanessa and Melissa

Tell us a bit about how you two started as a media duo
Melissa and I were both correspondents on a local entertainment show on Rogers TV. Although we both love entertainment and media, our biggest passion was being Moms. Almost simultaneously we pitched Rogers on the idea of a local parenting show. A producer at Rogers thought we would really hit it off if we met, so we were set up on a kind of “blind date” at Starbucks. Soon after Diapers & Lipgloss was born and the rest is history…

We love your commitment to giving back and how you urge us to focus on the things that really matter. What are some of the values that guide Diapers & Lipgloss?
Giving back is big to us. We are very fortunate and we think it’s so important to help others and to teach our children the importance of giving and caring for others. Values we aspire to everyday are… be kind, try not to judge, be empathetic and help others.
Vanessa and Melissa
Over Christmas you had a social media break and committed yourselves to being more in the moment. What did you take away from that experience?
We do a lot of our work on and through social media, so the idea of not being on social media for the holidays was a little scary at first, but it ended up being a great experience for us. We’ve realized that we need to manage our time on our phones and computers in front of our kids and that sometimes it’s okay to shut it down.

What is a central question or concern that new mothers have these days that our mothers wouldn’t have even have imagined?
We think Moms today are really concerned with all the things our kids are exposed to including: the internet, social media, cyberbullying, screen time, and chemicals in food and the environment.

Vanessa and Melissa
Being a baby gift basket company, we’d love to know: what are some of the most unique or memorable baby gifts that you’ve received?
Some of our favourite baby gifts we’ve received are: The nosefrieda, sleep sheep and a week of delicious healthy frozen meals.

Thanks to Vanessa and Melissa for being our guests on the blog. Stay tuned for our next guests and if you have any suggestions for guests then give us a shout at