My Lil’ Bean Q&A: Rebecca and Jen from Pehr Designs

You know those awesome baskets that we use as the foundation for all our baby gift baskets? And those pin dot and fawn swaddles? Well those are the stylish creations of Rebecca and Jen from Pehr Designs. We’re thrilled to have them as our next guests for the My Lil’ Bean Q&A!
Rebecca and Jen; Pehr Designs
What series of events led to you starting your own home accessories company?
We’ve been friends since we were 7 years old. We share similar interests and history and when we were both about to have our first child we decided to use our maternity leave (which is a year in Canada!) and start working on our business idea. We started with our home line and the collections have grown to include Petit Pehr and soon our line of kids’ bedding!

What inspires your design for your terrific line of children’s accessories?
Our own children are the impetus for many of our new products. When we can’t find something we want we end up designing it ourselves. Our most popular items have been brought to life this way. In terms of design inspiration we really love elements from Classic American, sweet European, simple Scandinavian and bright fun Australian brands. We seem to be a mixture of all of these styles. Essentially we won’t make anything that we wouldn’t buy ourselves. But we can find inspiration everywhere. We have a big chalkboard wall in our design area and that’s where we pin anything that we’re inspired by. Things eventually come off or move around to form different ideas.

Rebecca Jen My Lil' Bean Q&A

What are the primary design principles behind the Petite Pehr storage bins, bibs and swaddles?
The quality and versatility. We always hear from Mom’s that they buy one bin and then they feel like they need 6 more. You can find endless uses for them and if you have kids then you know exactly what we are talking about. They hold toys, clothes, books, games, etc.
What is your advice for choosing a unique baby gift?
Consider something that Mom might not buy for herself, but is on her wish list and/or is hard not to love. We consider many of our items to be heirloom quality, which means they can be used and treasured now but will definitely be kept for babies to come. Moms (and Dads) appreciate these gifts because they’re something they can hold on to remember those early days (and long nights!).
What is the most memorable  (baby) gift that you’ve received?
Rebecca – A grey wool cashmere kimono style sweater that was gifted to us for our first child. The quality and the design were timeless and because of that it lasted through two boys and a girl and still looked beautiful.
Jen – A set of wooden blocks that my Dad made for my son. They were beautiful, practical and thoughtful all at once. They will also live for generations in our family. My nephew already has them ‘on loan’!
Thanks to Rebecca and Jen for taking the time to answer our questions. Be sure to check out their products in our Woodland Baby Basket.
Vine separator; My Lil' Bean