My Lil’ Bean Q&A: Becky from Organic Quilt Company

My Lil' Bean Q&A: Beth and Lisa from Organic Quilt Co.

We’re so happy to have as our next guest on the blog Becky (left in the picture) from the Becky and Lisa team of Organic Quilt Company. When we started our store and were sourcing products for the baskets, it was difficult to find someone that used organic fabrics for baby accessories. With their eye for the cutest patterns using organic fabrics, we jumped at the chance to partner with Becky and Lisa.

What inspired you to make your own children’s accessories?

I wanted to start a small business that blended my love of stitching and my concern for the environment; and the fact that I had 3 children ages 4, 6, and 8 at the time meant that I had children on my mind! I had a lot of recent experience with baby products, so I knew what worked for me and what didn’t.

What makes your design process unique?

My design process stems from my love of quilting. The combining of colours and fabrics; the added element of decorative stitching; and the layering of fabrics are quilting-specific processes that show up in all my creations.

My Lil' Bean Q&A: Beth and Lisa Studio

What do you love about your burp cloths and bibs?

Our burp cloths and bibs are made to be beautiful and functional. They are gorgeous enough to be used on special occasions, but durable and absorbent enough for every day use. We are great believers in the famous William Morris quote that says everything in your home should be beautiful or useful, except that we create baby products that are both!

What inspires you to use natural ingredients in your products?

We use certified organic fabrics and we use recycled paper and plastic for our labels and packaging envelopes. I have always had a great love of nature and concern for the environment and Organic Quilt Company reflects my values.

My Lil' Bean Q&A Beth Quilting

What is the most memorable gift that you’ve received?

My uncle made us a beautiful pine chest with wood harvested from his family cottage property. It features an original, intricately patterned design constructed using hundreds of nails, which is inset on the lid. Given to us as a wedding gift (almost 20 year ago!), it is a handsome and unique piece that functions as our coffee table and reminds us daily of the importance of family.

What would you suggest to someone who wanted to find a unique baby gift?

Of course I recommend buying something that is handmade. The quality and design will be superior to mass-produced items and the chances are great that you can find something truly special that reflects the family receiving it.

You can find Becky and Lisa’s bibs and burp cloths in our Nature’s Baby Basket.