The Virtuous Cycle

Welcome to our store! We are excited to offer you a terrific selection of baby gift baskets that focus on beautiful design and natural products.  We spent a lot of time reviewing organic and natural toys, bibs, burp cloths, soaps and lotions to find the right combinations.

Why gift baskets?  Well, giving and receiving are part of such a powerful and wonderful dynamic. The act of giving comes from a strong feeling of love for another.  The act of receiving is an acknowledgment of the giver and perpetuates a bond between the giver and receiver. But gift giving can also have an impact beyond the giver and receiver:

“If frequent bad deeds trigger social disgust, cynicism, and hostility toward one’s peers, then frequent good deeds may have a type of social undoing effect, raising the level of compassion, love, and harmony in an entire society.” – Jonathan Haidt

So consider all the wonderful gifts you’ve received and then think of someone that might enjoy a gift basket, especially in celebration of a new baby.

Source:Wired to be Inspired